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Chapter Three

Digging for Revival

Taken from "Fire upon the Altar"

by Gene Easley

The patriarch Abraham was a well digger. He knew the importance of having those sources of fresh water, and he knew somebody had to go out and do the actual digging of the wells. The water is there for us, but we have to want it to the extent that we are willing to do whatever it takes for us to be able to partake of it.

After the passing away of Abraham, the Philistines came and stopped the wells by filling them with earth. Isaac, Abraham's son, also realized how important the wells had been. He had seen the blessings they had brought to so many. He knew they could not make it without the wells. So he determined that he would redig those wells the enemy had stopped (Genesis 26:18).

Digging is hard work, but it is necessary if we want to see the springs of life return. If we want to see the Spirit flowing through the church freely and with power, it will take some digging. The Philistines had purposely stopped the wells. It is no accident that the free flowing of the Holy Spirit in our churches is not being witnessed. It has been a deliberate plan of the enemy of our soul to stop those life giving wells.

Digging is not popular. It disrupts the party. The smooth sailing might be rippled if someone starts digging. But our survival is at stake. We are fighting for life in the church! We must have the springs opened one more time!

We have brought in the spotlight boys, they have done their thing and left, and we are still dry and thirsty. We need to bring in some digging crews.

The church needs to begin digging for a new dedication to God. Surely it will be hard, especially since our hearts have become so crusty and hardened. To make an about face now will require more than a memorized prayer. It will take some weeping and pouring out of our hearts in the altars to break through our calloused condition.

We are having big productions in this hour, but we aren't producing very much. We have built artificial watering holes. They may deceive many but not the soul that is thirsting for the genuine springs of God.

The woman at Jacob's well (John 4) came with a natural thirst. But she also came with a spiritual thirst. Jesus told that thirsty woman, referring to the water in Jacob's well, "Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again" (John 4:13). This is a picture of many churches today. People are drinking but leaving thirsty. No wonder their souls are still being enticed by the world.

Jesus, looking at this barren, desolate life, tells her of another well that will quench her thirst forever. Christ said, "But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life" (John 4:14).

The Samaritan woman cried out, "Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw" (John 4:15). The church will again have to cry out for this water. Will spiritual renewal come through greater education? Will we achieve it by a talent search with trained artists adorning our platforms? Not in an eternity! It will take some digging!

Not only should the church provide a place to pray, but it should also make prayer its most honorable practice. His house should be called a house of prayer among all nations.      Talent is often the most honored possession in church. We emphasize it and encourage it so that we really don't care if our talent is saturated with prayer or not. We are determined to use gifted people, even though they have no prayer life.

When the wells are stopped up, people begin to look to other sources to quench their thirst. Their lives become spiritually desolate. They become despondent and unconcerned about their souls. They become disinterested in the things of God. They begin to forsake the house of God. So, what do we do? We scramble to find quick answers. We look toward new programs. We seek better entertainment. We compromise the Gospel. And the thirsty soul sits there dying without any help.

May God bring us back to our knees! Our futile efforts will only result in failure. Without the water of life, death will surely reign in our midst.

As Isaac redug those wells, he met with strong opposition. It always happens. Nothing in God's kingdom will come without a fight. But without the free flow of His Spirit, our lives will become polluted and stagnate! We must be willing to pay the price.

The prophet Habakkuk called for revival in his day. He cried, "O LORD, revive thy work" (Habakkuk 3:2). There has to be someone who sees how desperate the situation really is, or the church will continue to decay and die a disgraceful death.

A truly thirsty person wants one thing--a drink. Entertainment holds no interest for him. How many are in attendance means nothing. How great the talent displayed is of no value. All he wants is a drink. May God open our eyes so that someone will cry out for a fresh move of God's Spirit!

I cannot wait for others to dig my well for me. I must start digging for myself. Too many Christians, dying of thirst, wonder why someone doesn't do something. If someone would just dig the well, they would gladly drink. But those are not the ones who will see revival. Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness--they are the ones who shall be filled.

It's necessary to dig until all of the rubbish of our religiosity is removed. Dig until self promotion is uprooted and cast aside. Until we aren't thinking about what little group we belong to. But our eyes are focused on the One who redeemed us on the cross, and we just want to draw near to Him.

Jeremiah spoke of the two evils that Israel committed (Jeremiah 2:13). First, they forsook the Lord, the fountain of living waters. Then, they built cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns at that. They stopped the flow of the living water that had given them life and health and joy. Their love for God and His ways began wavering. The enticement of the world brought barricades that kept God out. The church which drinks at the living fountain wants God more than anything else. Man-made cisterns have no appeal to genuine spiritual thirst.

But, obviously, even those who reject the flow of His Spirit will be drinking from some source. They will do all they can to keep their cisterns full, but to no avail. The cisterns are broken, and their souls will remain thirsty.

The enemy has stopped up many wells that once ran over with blessing. Now, only the rubbish of the world remains to be seen. May God help us to recognize the difference between that which the enemy has put in our way and that which God has provided for us in abundance. May we begin again to long for the Living Water! May our thirst become so great that we will prostrate ourselves before God until He meets our needs!

Will we sit by the stopped up wells and allow our souls to die of thirst, or will we begin to dig? How deep we dig will depend on how thirsty we are for the real thing. May we dig until revival comes!

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Featured Article •

A New Beginning
by Gene Easley

Joshua 3:4 says, “Ye have not passed this way heretofore.”  The children of Israel were to pass for the first time across the River Jordan into Canaan’s land.  It always feels good to get out of the rut and go somewhere you haven’t been before.  It is a relief when we are not going in circles any more but are moving forward in God to a new experience. 

Many churches and individual Christians have spent years in a rut.  They need someone to lead them to a new experience in God with a new vision and a new burden.  We know we are headed to an eternal promised land.  But there are also promises here of victory and blessing for this present time into which many may never go. 

I have witnessed God’s Spirit being poured out in abundance and lives being transformed.  I have also heard and read the testimonies of saints of an earlier era, who spoke of the all-night prayer meetings where great healings and deliverances came with power.  I have heard the stories of the Spirit being poured out and the tabernacle of God being saturated with His eternal glory.  My prayer is, “God get us out of our rut.  Renew the church with a fresh visitation of God’s divine presence.  Move us forward into the promised land of victory, where our lives can be meaningful and our service to God effective.”

God was leading Israel to a land they had never been to before--to a land flowing with milk and honey.  Israel had experienced the cruelty of Egyptian bondage.  They experienced the hardships, the testings and trials of the forty-year wilderness journey.  Most of the group who crossed the River Jordan had been born in the wilderness and had never known anything else.  Canaan would be a new experience.  They would eat the fruit of the land in which they had sown nothing.  They would inherit homes they had not built.  It would be a blessing and gift from God.

The church needs the gifts of God to operate again in believers’ lives and in the sanctuary.  A new beginning does not start with our turning over a new leaf.  It starts with God pouring out His blessings.  A new beginning does not begin with the institution of new programs but rather with a new outpouring of God’s Spirit bringing instant transformation.  If we forsake one program and start a new one, we will still be in a rut.  Nothing will really change.  Only the Spirit of God will bring change.  He will launch us out into a new and effective avenue of service.

I have been at the altars of prayer where the presence of the Spirit of God was so real that no one wanted to leave the sanctuary.  Some were crying with many tears; others were rejoicing; some were speaking in unknown tongues as the Spirit moved on them and gave the utterance.  Some were singing, and musicians were providing the appropriate music.  No one wanted to leave.  It was times like those that one felt the heart being renewed and victory infused over all the bondage and battles plaguing our lives.

A new beginning can be found at the altar of prayer.  My prayer is that God will not allow us to be satisfied with a powerless church--with no souls being saved, with no lives being transformed, with no saints being filled anew with the power of the Holy Spirit.  When the Spirit fell on the Day of Pentecost, it marked a new beginning for the work of God on planet Earth.  The 120 believers in the upper room had prayed for ten days.  Their hearts were ready for the outpouring of His Spirit.  May God lead us back to the altars of prayer and prepare our hearts and lives for a new visitation from on high.  May God give the church a new beginning!


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