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Ministry of Pastor Jose Eduardo Pop
Tierra Nueva Dos, Guatemala

pastors PopOver a period of many years, Gene Easley Ministries has helped Pastor Eduardo Pop and his wife and congregation in the colonia of Tierra Nueva Dos on the north side of Guatemala City.

When Pastor Pop first went to this area, he had only a vacant lot and the call of God to build a church. Today he has a sizable sanctuary for the small community and good facilities in which to conduct his services and reach the community for Christ.

Pastor Pop founded a Pentecostal evangelical fellowship for which he serves as president. Bro. and Sis. Pop have been a blessing to so many in their community and have built and nurtured a wonderful Spirit-filled congregation that is growing and having a great impact on the village of Tierra Nueva Dos.


first church in Tierra Nueva Dos Church

The building above on the left is the place where the Pop family conducted services when we first met them in 1992. On the right is the facility as it looks presently. The compound includes living quarters for the pastors as well as classrooms and dining hall.

Various individuals, missionaries and congregations in America have contributed over the years to Pastor Pop's building projects. Also, the local congregation in Tierra Nueva Dos gave countless hours of labor to see the building projects completed. In all, the labors and finances of many have made possible this lighhouse that has touched so many lives. Undoubtedly, there were many sacrifices made by caring people and churches to see the work accomplished.


This is the sanctuary of Pastor Pop's church.



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