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Ministry of Victor Orantes

“Old Paths” Ministry

Church at Villa LauraA new project which has been initiated by dear friends of ours in Guatemala in 2011 is the building of a church in the Department (state) of Santa Rosa, Guatemala. Located in the mountains southeast of Guatemala City is a village called Villa Laura. Bro. Victor Orantes' family was from that area.

Some years ago, while we were in Guatemala, we were invited by Bro. Alfonso Orantes, the brother of Victor, to preach at a watch night service in a small village near Villa Laura called, “El Rodeo.”  We stopped en route from Guatemala City to El Rodeo at the home of another Orantes brother who drove us to the church in the mountains.  Leaving our car in Cuilapa, we traveled a few miles east by the paved highway and then turned north across a shallow stream and up the mountainside on a very rocky, rough dirt road to the village of El Rodeo.  The only people who had electricity in El Rodeo were people who could afford their own gasoline-run generators.  The little church where we preached depended on kerosene lanterns to provide light.  After the service, that night we slept in the adobe home of the assistant pastor and his family.

Church in Villa LauraWe were told at that time that Villa Laura, the Orantes brothers’ hometown, was on up that very winding, mountain road.  So, it is today that Bro. Victor Orantes has built a church in that very village where his family was raised.  During the last 35 years there has been only one very small mission established in the village of Villa Laura.  Bro. and Sis. Victor Orantes, burdened for souls, are building not only a church, but also an annex for classrooms for Sunday School and a Bible Institute.  Eventually, they hope to also be able to bring a water purification system for the first time to Villa Laura.  A temporary name for the church is New Life International.

Bro. Victor Orantes’ teaching ministry in north Guatemala in Coban has been reaching many pastors.  With this new work in Santa Rosa, Bro. Victor (along with two of his brothers) has begun to build on the foundation of the “old paths,” referring to the free moving of the Spirit of God the church once enjoyed.  And they have started a new fellowship to work together to meet their goals.  While Bro. Victor is building a new church in Santa Rosa, his brother, Alfonso, who emigrated to the U.S. years ago, is building a church near Palmdale, CA.  A third brother is also building a church in Chiapas state in southern Mexico, and they have agreed with one another and the Lord that their fellowship is to be founded upon the “old paths.”  May God bless their labors.

Children at Church in Villa Laura

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